Cat Senior Care

Cats typically have comparatively long lives. They often spend more time in their senior years than dogs. Cats have multiple stages of senior ages where mild changes may occur. Because cats live so long in their senior years, it is important to be aware of changes that occur and things to watch out for with your senior cat.

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Cat Dental Disease

Home dental care is of great importance to the overall health of cats. Even with brushing and dental treats, cats may still develop periodontal disease, which can have negative effects to their overall health. Not only does dental disease lead to discomfort or pain in the mouth, but it can also cause damage to internal organs like the liver and kidneys as oral bacteria makes its way through their system.

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Kitten Wellness Packages

For optimum protection against contagious illnesses, kittens need to receive their first vaccines starting at 6 weeks of age. The kitten vaccination series includes vaccine visits 4 weeks apart until age of 20 weeks. Kittens will need to complete their full series of vaccinations for full protection.

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Cat Wellness Packages

Feline Wellness Packages

All of our Wellness Packages are strategically priced to allow you to provide the best care for your pet without breaking the bank.

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Veterinary Services For Cats

Since 2012, the veterinarians and support staff at Katy Pet Wellness Solutions have sought to achieve the highest standards of veterinary medicine. We feel that cats are part of the family, yours and ours. Our clients' response to the care we provide is the strongest testament to the quality of care we provide for their cats.

You can find our recent client feedback here.

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