Dog Senior Care

Our dogs are our best friends and it’s tough to see them age. Because dogs age so much faster than humans, regular care is important. Giant and large breed dogs are considered seniors as early as five years of age (compared to seven years for smaller breeds) and therefore, they will need specialized care sooner.

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Dog Dental Disease

The importance of dental care in dogs cannot be expressed enough. Dental disease in dogs is a leading cause of health problems. Home care is the best way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Regular brushing, dental chews, and other dental products can go a long way in slowing the progression of dental disease; however, it can still develop over time. Small breeds and short nosed breeds tend to develop dental disease more easily, but all dogs can experience problems.

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Puppy Wellness Packages

For optimum protection against contagious diseases, puppies need vaccinations starting at 6 weeks. Puppies receive vaccinations every 4 weeks until 20 weeks of age. Puppies will need to complete their full series of vaccinations for full protection.

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Dog Wellness Packages

Canine Wellness Packages

All of our Wellness Packages are strategically priced to allow you to provide the best care for your pet without breaking the bank.

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