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The following describes the various positions of our support staff team members.

Kennel Attendant

Kennel Attendant is our entry level position for individuals wanting to start out in veterinary medicine and learn the ropes. A good portion of the job duties involve keeping the facility clean and orderly. While we don't board pets, our kennel attendants are vital in helping maintain a tidy and stocked environment. They help the other team members when asked to fill prescriptions, hold animals for exams and procedures, set up labratory tests, and start their education and skills training for more advanced positions. We value individuals that are hard working and self-motivated, identifying areas where their assistance is needed and stepping in when they are able. Kennel Attendants are typically part time and/or seasonal workers so it's a great introduction into veterinary medicine for high school and college students during breaks from school.

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistants are professionals that have either formal education in the area of veterinary assisting or experience from working in a veterinary setting. Having trained in all the areas where Kennel Attendants have trained, Assistants also partake in more advanced tasks such as some test sample collection, running some of our laboratory tests, preparing surgical supplies, assisting in exam rooms, helping with vaccinations, performing nail trims, and holding animals for exams and procedures. They assist the technicians and veterinarian in additional tasks as requested. Veterinary assistants enjoy the opportunity to work hands on with more of our patients and learn more about veterinary medicine. We value individuals that take an active roll in the care of our patients and show accumen for veterinary health care. 

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technicians are similar to nurses in human medicine. Having trained and mastered all the tasks of Kennel Attendants and Veterinary Assistants, Veterinary Technicians have either formal education in the area of Veterinary Technology or have gained experience in the area of Veterinary Technology in a veterinary setting. Veterinary Technicians are responsible for running all of our in-house laboratory tests, reading test results, and preparing samples to be sent to reference labs. They perform tasks such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, and laser therapy (photobiomodulation). Veterinary Technicians administer injections, draw blood samples, place catheters, oversee fluid administration, and take x-rays. They also are responsible for patient care within exam rooms discussing pet health concerns with pet owners and going over veterinary recommendations for care. Veterinary Technicians play a critical roll in surgery acting as a surgical assitant, monitoring anesthetized patients, responding to emergencies as required by the veterinarian, performing dental prophylaxis and periodontal cleanings, monitoring anesthesia recovery, and discharging surgical patients. In addition to skills based tasks, Veterinary Technicians have an extensive knowledge of general health and wellness of dogs and cats, an understanding of medications and preventatives recommended by our veterinarian, nutrition knowledge, and behavior knowledge. They participate in continuing education and professional development to ensure they are providing the best possible care to our patients with the latest veterinary infomation available. We value Veterinary Technicians that have a love for animals and are always seeking the best for our patients through detailed work, extensive knowledge and skills, and dedication to our practice and our patients.

Veterinary Receptionist

As the friendly voice and face of the practice, Veterinary Receptionists are the first to greet our patients and their owners and are often the first voice they hear on the phone. With exceptional service skills, our receptionists are responsible for directing calls from pet owners, scheduling appointments, directing texts and emails, and checking out patients at the end of visits. Receptionists have a basic understanding of pet health, vaccinations, and preventative medicine and can answer a number of questions regarding setting up care for our patients. Their friendly faces are always happy to greet our clients, maintain the tidiness of the reception area, and act as a go-between for our patients' owners and our medical team. We value receptionist with exceptional public relations skills that are highly organized and adept multi-taskers.

Practice Manager

The Practice Manager oversees day to day operations as well as leading the team. Many of the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks are performed by the manager from inventory control; team hiring, scheduling, and training; and facilities management. The Practice Manager is responsible for ensuring an efficient work flow and helping to maintain a positive atmosphere. The Practice Manager is typically trained in all areas of the facility having experience in the kennel, as a Veterinary Technician, and as a Veterinary Receptionist.

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Katy Pet Wellness Solutions is proud to be a teaching facility. We work with a variety of veterinary technology and veterinary assistant schools and programs to help teach the veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants of tomorrow. If you are in one of these programs and seeking an internship or externship, please contact us to inquire about openings for interns and externs.

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