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Surgery and Drop-off Deposits

To ensure a smooth schedule and begin treatment appropriately, we collect deposits when scheduling all surgical procedures and at the time of drop-off for unscheduled/unplanned surgeries, procedures, and extended diagnostics and treatments.

For scheduled procedures:

  • A deposit of no less than $110 is collected to secure the reservation for planned or scheduled surgeries, anesthetic procedures, and drop-offs for extended diagnostics.
  • The deposit is considered non-refundable if the procedure is not performed due to any of the following reasons:
    • The patient fails to arrive on time as scheduled for drop- off
      • Drop-off time is 8 am the morning of the procedure.
      • Patients arriving more than 30 minutes late will forfeit their deposit and will need to reschedule the procedure.
    • The procedure is cancelled without rescheduling.
    • The procedure is not performed, but other services are rendered that day due to unexpected medical complications that necessitate postponing the procedure. In this case, the deposit will be applied to the services provided and the owner is responsible for any remaining balance.
  • The deposit will be applied to the total cost for services rendered the day of the procedure.
  • If the procedure needs to be rescheduled, as a one-time courtesy, the deposit may be applied to a new date according to the following:
    • The newly scheduled date is for the same procedure.
    • The newly scheduled date must be within two weeks of the original date.
    • Reschedule requests must be made and confirmed before 5pm the day prior to the procedure. Voicemail and text messages submitted after closing the day before will be subject to deposit forfeiture.

For unplanned/unscheduled procedures:

  • A deposit of no less than $110 is collected for unplanned/unscheduled anesthetic procedures or extended diagnostics and treatments that are deemed necessary during an office visit that necessitate leaving the patient in our care for several hours. Drop-off deposits for unplanned anesthetic procedures, extended diagnostics, or lengthy treatments may be up to half of the estimate for the anticipated procedures.
  • The deposit will be applied to the total cost for services rendered that day.

A signature page regarding the above mentioned information is obtained prior to collecting the deposit fee to ensure pet owners understand and acknowledge the specifics regarding the deposits. The signature page is found on the Forms page of our website. After submitting the signature page, call us today to schedule your pet's surgical procedure.

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