Helpful Links

Heartworms in Pets – American Heartworm Society
Helpful information for pet owners regarding heartworm disease and current recommendations.

Katy Area Parks and Dog Parks List 2019 – Katy Magazine Online
Looking for parks and trails to take your pets in the Katy area? Katy Magazine has compiled a list of Katy parks including a list of dog parks.

Nutrition and Diet Selection – World Small Animal Veterinary Association
Find out the best methods of selecting an optimum diet for your pets.

Pet Licensing Information - Harris County
Information for pet owners on licensing your pets in Harris County.

Teeth Care in Pets – American Veterinary Medical Association
Details on the importance of dental care and how home care and maintaining healthy teeth is important.

Toxic and Hazardous Food Guide – Nationwide Pet Insurance
Learn about common foods and beverages that may present risks to your pets.

Vaccinations – American Veterinary Medical Association
Vaccination information, including common FAQs, for pet owners.