Behavior Problems

Behavior problems are common among pets and need to be handled with great care. Some situations involve additional training while others involve more intervention. It is of utmost importance to identify the source of the behavior problems so they can be addressed appropriately to ensure a successful outcome. Some common behavior issues we can help with are basic behavior concerns, anxiety, and fear aggression.

When presented with a patient that has behavior problems, we will take care to gather a complete history of the exact concerns. Recommendations can be made to facilitate changes whether that means simple training techniques or the use of medications or supplements and behavior modification training. In some cases, a referral to a Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist may be necessary.

Addressing concerns early and creating a consistent plan will help to curb undesirable behaviors and prevent them from escalating. Please let us know today if you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, we are happy to schedule an exam and consult to create a plan for your pet.

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