Advanced Diagnostics

When certain illnesses occur, you may be looking for additional diagnostics beyond routine laboratory services. Katy Pet Wellness Solutions offers a variety of advanced diagnostics in addition to our other laboratory services for your dog or cat. We also work closely with area specialists to continue addressing needs that are more specific and we are happy to submit referrals when necessary.

We offer the following advanced diagnostics:

  • Blood Pressure – Blood pressure is monitored throughout all of our surgical procedures but can also be used as a diagnostic tool for heart function.
  • EKG (electrocardiogram) – Used as part of our monitoring for all surgical procedures, EKG can further evaluate heart conditions.
  • Fluorescein stains - Fluorescein stains are performed to look for injury to the eye and help identify appropriate treatments.
  • Radiology (x-rays) – We feature on-site digital radiography, which can provide instant images for internal screenings of the skeletal system and internal organs. We work with board certified radiologist to evaluate the images and return diagnostics quickly
  • Tonometry – Tonometry is a measurement of the pressure in the eye as a test for glaucoma or trauma

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