Health Certificates (International and Domestic)

Traveling with your pet can be very exciting; however, sometimes the process of gathering all the information and paperwork can be very cumbersome. We are here to help!

Requirements for travel will vary based on where you are going and how you are traveling. For domestic travel, states and airlines typically have specific recommendations for travel, which often includes the acquisition of a Health Certificate from a veterinarian. International travel requires a much more in-depth review of import requirements for each country where you may be traveling. Our veterinarian is USDA certified which is required for an International Health Certificate required for foreign travelling with pets. We can help walk you through the process for travel preparation and support you in your research with consulates in the destination country.

Planning ahead and timing of services is important when traveling with your pet and we are here to help. Please call to schedule an appointment or for more information about obtaining a Health Certificate or International Health Certificate for your pet.