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Pain Management

Just like humans, dogs and cats experience pain; but they do not always show it the same way we do. Simple things like excessive grooming or an increase in aggression can indicate pain. Many times, subtle changes in behavior, appetite, or movement can indicate pain in your pet, so it is best to have it explored as soon as you notice the change.

Whether pain is short-term due to an injury or surgery or chronic due to a long-term condition such as arthritis, we are here to help. We take pain control very seriously and we want your dog or cat to be comfortable and happy. We offer a variety of pain control medications, supplements, and prescription diets as well as laser therapy to improve your pet’s comfort level whether they are undergoing a painful procedure or have an injury or if they are suffering from longer lasting pain.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you are concerned your pet may be in pain.

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